Amaranth Squares Dark Chocolate 100g


It is a match made in heaven…or in Mexico! The cocoa bean was first domesticated in Mexico and when paired with the sweet crunch of Amaranth, it creates a sweet and delectable favorite for the whole family.

Amaranth bars are known as alegría in Mexico, which means “happiness” in Spanish. This sweet treat is known to spread joy to all those who partake. Great for a pre- or post-exercise snack or for the kids on a road trip. Wherever you chose to enjoy your alegria amaranth bar, you will not be disappointed by the soft sweetness and satisfying crunch of this whole grain bar.


- Weight:  100g

- Small Mexican company


    - Chocolate, puffed amaranth, hydrogenated vegetable oil, starch, cacao solids, soy lectin, vanilla flavor. May contain pieces of nuts.

      Nutritional Info