About Us

Mexican Amaranth is a small familly-owned business based in the United States. We have a special interest in the promotion of the Mexican amaranth grain as a high quality nutritional product.

The tradition of making amaranth dates back thousands of years in the central region of present day Mexico. Due to the cultural importance of the amaranth grain, Europeans attempted to completely eradicate it and the consumption decreased to almost nothing. Since those times, a few local native producers have fought to maintain this supergrain as a part of the Mexican diet in the form of the traditional amaranth bar called "Alegria" (happiness). 

As time progresses, incredible nutritional qualities have been found in this tiny grain. Today, we are surrounded by an increasing number of global issues: corporations monopolizing agribusiness, nutritional problems, environmental imbalance, farmer migration and loss of cultural roots; in this context, by consuming Mexican amaranth we are supporting traditional Mexican farmers and obtaining incredible nutritional benefits.

The Mexican Amaranth bars are handcrafted in Mexico, made with traditional methods rooted in the ancestral Mexican culture.